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this was so cute!! everything was just perfect and has that 'dream' feel. my only issue was: i need more!! it was so short QwQ


amazing art, and the game was so fun!! its not laggy at all and the puzzles were a little challenging.

I got stuck in the first scene of the dream, where Somnia just talked the bunnies into going away and a triangle indicating the next scene appeared! When I tried to click on the triangle, the backgroud just can't successfully change. Every time it moved a bit and eventually reset to the first image! Have anyone encountered this issue?

I haven't, but maybe try completely deleting both the unzipped and zipped file, redownloading it, and then playing again. This has happened to me with other visual novel games and this normally fixes it.

This was adorable!

your art style is seriously gorgeous!!

I LOVE THIS!  this is such a cute game!!!!


Ayo why the logo look like the soviet logo

but cool game regardless 10/10


I adored this game a lot! Even published a let's play on YouTube :D Thank you for making such an enjoyable game <3

When will there be more?

Deleted 114 days ago

How was it trying?


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First part of my playtrough 


if you guys made a full game, I would defiantly play it no hesitation.


This was really too fucking cute. It was truly enchanting to play and I am desperate for more games like it.


it definitely became my new favorite game <3


Beautiful Game! I love the characters these graphic novels come out


Beautiful game ! This atmosphere is just what I needed to relax !

Its so cute~ i wish there was more content 


This game was an awesome experience!

It caught my eye as I scrolled by it and I don't regret playing this one!

The art style was very cute, the concept was great, some of the puzzles were kinda tricky, but not impossible either and I had a good time playing this overall.

Even though it was short, it was really enjoyable and this is one I recommend playing! :)

não consigo superar simplesmente amo esse jogo


it's really dreamy and heartwarming! the colors are amazing and the story is well written :) love the puzzles too!




That's a cool concept that could lead to many themes and messages. The art style is really pretty, especially the color palette who gives a pleasant atmosphere. Amazing job!


I love this so much! It's kinda rare to see games like this on for me. IMO this would be even more fun if we can serve other customers overall great game keep up the good work <3


I really liked this!! All the way from the storytelling, to the visuals, this was a marvel of a game! The music was very lovely, the dialogue was great, and the vibe was cozy! Very high quality!

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This was such a cute game! My partner and i really enjoyed this game. The premise sounded interesting, so we decided to play it together for our DATENITE videos - where we play games together. It felt like this should be an episodic type visual novel with Somnia and Remerie solving problems. Really enjoyed their chemistry! The art was so wholesome and soft, really love it. We did get stuck at one point and really had a hard time but we figured it out. Overall, people should really play this game!

fun fact: the client's surname is "lapin" and lapin is bunny/rabbit in french, which relates to the bunny siblings  : ^




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Too bad we can't claim this as well because I don't know how to add to my collection. 


This was super sweet!


This game is such a huge inspiration and a delightful warm hug I needed. It may be small but it sparked so much joy and comfort just from one playthrough. Thank you so so much for creating and sharing this 💗 I adore everything about this VN. The art, characters, story, atmosphere, music. Very delightful and validating. 🥰💖💗💞💕✨


i can't play idk how I'm new :(


do u not know how to download it, or how to extract the files to play?

AHH!! This is such a cute game! I loved the little notes at the end lol


I like the (indirect) references in the character's names. (in)somnia and (random eye movement) Remerie...unless I'm just extrapolating to much from simple names(?)


pastel dream cafe with cute womans.

What can i possibly say.


This was so charming! The art is top-tier, the characters are instantly likeable, the story is simple but interesting, and the music is very nice for the background. By the end I was so ready to get to another dream and explore. It would be amazing to get more, but for what it is you've done a brilliant job!

Really good game, I love it



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