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very cute indeed. ♥

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the cutest game!!!! so lovely and the couple looks a lot like me and my girlfriend <3 


Story was great and the concept was interesting, especially with such a short game. Puzzles are great and quite simple. Audio is very well looped and the point and click idea is well executed. 9.5/10 I enjoyed my playthrough very much 


This is one of the most gorgeous games I've played in years... It reminds me of an interactive animated movie (partially due to the "opening sequence" sort of scene set-ups). (*TT__TT)  Thank you guys so much for making such a warm game!


you have to tell me if miss nemo ever comes back 😭


This game is fantastic! Adorable and charming art, lovable and well designed characters and a great story!! I really enjoyed this. My only critique is that the puzzles could have been a little clearer, but other than that, I love everything about this :)

I love the art work but- i keep getting an error everytime i make a choice or everytime i move my cursor that i cannot find the script file


Here's how to get 5 Star Dish :)

The game so cute I cried.

I cannot express how much I loved this game! Even though it was short I was so happy with everything about it! It has such pretty visuals and the art is just gorgeous! Would love to maybe see more for this bit as it is right now is amazing! Also love me some wlw content that's flirty and just downright adorable!

super cute & fun game but i do wish it was longer :(( but other than that i loved it!!

i love this game<3


my only complaint is that there isnt more of this to play....... 

haha! same.


this is the most delightful thing i've experienced in years. i haven't felt like this since the last ace attorney game i enjoyed (this game has all the charm of the best ace attornies) ((i love the lil pearl and maya inspiration in some poses)) and if there was more of this to come i would happily, easily, unconditionally back development any way i could. the duo are so so charming -- they could've easily fallen into tropes, as i tend to see around the VN scene, but these two had such real charm. they feel like real people with real... well, everything -- it feels like i've genuinely walked into two people's lives, as opposed to being introduced to characters. masterfully done.

and woof i haven't even mentioned the art yet! i adore the art SO much! from the expressive portraits to the handpainted UI to the gorgeous scenery... ough. i may draw a little fanart, i don't know if i can help myself; the designs and colours are so cozy.

anyway thank you for making this game! it has such sweet charm, and has spun (or perhaps... stirred) something wholly unique into a world i want to know more about. super impressed and can't wait to hear more, if there is more to come!!


I loved the game! the only problem with the clock puzzle for me was that I apparently cannot read clocks... I'm used to old Sierra and Lucas Arts games so it was pretty easy and did not make my life hell in comparison. PLEASE if you can I want to see these characters again!!!!!


What a lovely little game! It was truly wholesome and I'd loved to play more, the hinted backstory had me intrigued too. The art was lovely, the charas and UI, the big scrolling screen, the colour pallete, the cute bunnies, the visuals were top notch! The mechanics were also very unique~

I loved the puzzle elements even though I did get stuck on the clock one but the comments here helped. Also someone already mentioned it but I got the bug where if you start again and skip, the bunnies didn't spawn. And saving just before cooking didn't let me put in ingredients. Restarting the game fixed that though~

Either way, it was a very sweet game and I look forward to more from your team! 

Hi! I can't seem to make the game work. The first time I downloaded this I couldn't get past the menu screen. The second time I downloaded it, this happens as seen in the picture attached

was anyone able to get flour to create pancakes? I have no idea where the sixth secret ingredient is..

This was a great game! I loved the art style and the layout and concept of everything. Though there were a few problems with the game not allowing to create the final product not allowing me to finish but it was fine! I still enjoyed either way! Also that clock puzzle really got me hard.


I got the five start dish but I'm not sure I got the bonus ending?


where is the sixth ingredient


Loved the game but, some things felt like they should've been marked better... for example to get five stars, I genuinely couldn't tell what to do and, the most iconic issue being the clock puzzle due to not being directly told how to get the hints for solving however once I figured out how to do it, the puzzle was rather interesting and, fun to do... also, I noticed a typo "-there's too work much left to..." instead of "-there's too much work left to..." but, yeah as I said I really loved the game.

I loved it! It was very fun, and I hope to see more like this!

I can't seem to download it for Linux? 


"i'm sorry tina, i didn't like your clock puzzle that had no visual indicators anywhere :P"

still a good game, but i'm not sure if me failing that clock puzzle was because there re no visual indicators or because i mized up left and right

other than that, charming


When I went back to play it second time, it looks like something in the game might have broke. I skipped through the dialogue to get straight into the puzzle and it opened alright, giving me the first ingredient and the first set of bunnies. Moving on to the second screen of the puzzle, however, the bunnies didn't reappear and there didn't appear to be any way to move on from that stage. I was also able to brute force the clock puzzle and trigger that dialogue, but as I hadn't opened the appropriate the screen yet, the game just kinda....stayed....I can give you more detail, but that feels like a permanent variable issue or something that didn't flag right when the game re-initialized. 


Hey, I downloaded the Mac version to try it out, and things were going fine till the game crashed! If you're still updating the game, how can I send the error message to you peeps?


What a brilliant game! I love the beautiful artwork (the colour palettes and the brushwork's so pretty!), the lovely music (fittingly dream-like), and the main characters (the relationship between the two leads is so sweet).

It feels wholesome and comforting, which I really like. I had fun with the game mechanics and the puzzles. The presentation is stunning! Thank you so much for making it!

I also made a VOD recording of my livestream of the game: Twitch


Cute story and characters!! I love the premise and character designs they kind of remind me of LiEat. Desserts being used in the story I love and its just so cute and makes me hungry. I was really sad when it ended after one client, I wished it was longer. I wanted to see more of the adorable couple assisting interesting people.

My only gripe is that certain items are hard to find because they blend well into the background, and puzzles would be more fun and engaging if they were interactive images instead of just text.


I absouletly love this game. It's so cute!! but I will admit I am really stuck on the ingredients part. Can anyone give any pointers? I know you're supposed to select the eggs first I can't figure out what goes next.


A super cute game! The art style reminds me of a fairytale or a story book! The pacing of the game was wonderful- gave me the vibes of a sleepy town or a slice of life novel. I loved the puzzles, especially the one with the bunnies! I adored seeing how Remerie and Somnia interacted with each other. 


Very cute game, characters, art and music!
I loved the puzzle ^^
Hope you'll make more games in the future - I'm really looking forward to it :)

I think there is a bug when you get the strawberry after clockwork eggs - I just couldn't cook the dish and needed to play it again from the start.


Uhhg I loved this game so much, I didn't want it to end, tbh I would definatly pay money for a longer game or one that expands on this beutiful world.


I got so excited to play this just by looking at it is so cute and fluffy so I only skimmed through the gamepage lol. I loved this game start to finish and I think the puzzle was really cool, I like me a good puzzle 😋. I love that Remerie and Somnia are just together and in love its so heckin sweet. I hope we get more of this world because I need more🤩. I'm actually going to replay it because I didn't get the special 5 star dish and I barely need a reason to replay lol

Definitely play this yourself but if you want to see my personal reaction I did make a video if you'd like 🤗


Ahhh I absolutely adore this game! It's by far one of the best visual novels I've ever played! Somnia and Remerie were so adorable throughout the story and the game mechanics were really fun. I'm glad the puzzles weren't super difficult, they did stump me a little but I got through them without too much trouble. I'm glad, I was hoping I wouldn't have to use my brain too much ahaha. In the end it said "see you next time", does that mean there will be a part 2?? I really hope so I love this world and I don't want to leave it!


Thoroughly enjoyed it! <3 Somnia and Remerie are the best couple! I would love to know more about them as well!!

Thanks for making such an awesome title! Hope it really expands to a bigger project!


oml this is adorable, but I'm dumb and still stuck on the clock puzzle -w- 

Other than that I hope more people find this game with its amazing graphics and story.


This game was absolutely great!

From the very beginning, with the title screen, to the very end, this visual novel was eye candy (pun intended), and the storyline was very cute as well! The main characters are adorable, both individually and together (are they a straight couple? Because it feels like forever since I last saw a cute and healthy straight couple in a visual novel, haha), and Marcella has a very unique and pleasing design!

The gameplay was also on point, and even though some items were a bit hard for me to spot (like the medicine), it didn't take too long to complete this game.

The story is very sweet. It really shows that you shouldn't let yourself be overwhelmed by your responsibilities, and that you are allowed to take a break from time to time. And finally, the finale, when Remerie and Somnia eat away Marcella's troubles was great symbolism!

Do plan on expanding this game? This game has potential to be a very sweet and profound psychological story. I would love to see more clients share their troubles through their dreams, collect their worries and turn them into delicious food!

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Thank you for your kind words, we're glad you enjoyed the game!

We have ideas for additional cases that we're planning to develop in the future, so we hope you can look forward to more! 

Just to clarify, this is a wlw game as indicated in our summary and tags. Both Remerie and Somnia are women who are in a loving lesbian relationship.

You're welcome! It really was a great experience!

I'm happy to hear about this! I'm definitely looking forward to what's going to come next!

Oops, very sorry about the misunderstanding, and thank you for the clarification! I'll be sure to read the summary more closely next time. I can't wait to see more of them, they really gave me the feel of a genuinely sweet and loving relationship without being over-the-top, and I think it was really great!

I enjoyed your game so much, it really warmed my heart like nothing else. Thank you!

"it feels like forever since I last saw a cute and healthy straight couple in a visual noveL..."

Lemme suggest:

Katawa Shojou

Shibuya Scramble (Not the movie, the game)

Ace Attorney (no spoilers)

Persona 3 and Up

Love Live the Queen (as a girl)


Little Busters!

Toradora! The Portable

Thank you for your suggestions! I'll definitely check them out.

No prob, bud!

Seems super cute!!!!!! I want to try!!!!


I can't get past the clock puzzle....


All the minute hands are on the 12/the hour. You have to talk to the bunnies (well any one bunny) to see which direction to put the hour hand, when the bunnies (including this bunny!)  would head to sleep.

- energetic bunny enthusiast

Thanks for the hint I finally figured it out myself but now I can't find the missing ingredient 😂

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You're welcome! (I didn't want to give too many spoilers haha.) After you put in 4 of the 5 correct ingredients, something (well someone) moves- click there!

- energetic bunny enthusiast

@jp I can only find 3 correct ingredients??? I have the apples, the eggs, and the chives, and it wont let me select the ooze. What do I do?


The medicine is not a correct ingredient! I think you've gotten 3 of the correct ingredients now but the 4th ingredient is a hidden ingredient (not found through solving the dream). Maybe there's something/someone on the moon! Then on the cooking screen will you be able to find the 5th ingredient.


A delicious Visual Novel with pretty graphics and cute scrumptious  little bunnies I could just eat up! Gameplay could span anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes (closer to the latter if you want a taste of all the flavor text the game has to offer)! A 5/5 omelette rating from me!

Bonne nuit et bon appétit!

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This game is super cute so far! I figured out the part I was stuck on. Such a fun game!

do you know time puzzle?


yeah i ended up figuring it out! should i tell you how to do it?


Please do, I'm stuck on it as well

Yes please!~ I still having hard time to figuring the Tik-tok time

Yes please!~ I still having hard time to figuring the Tik-tok time


Okay so if you talk to the bunnies, they tell you the time is 9. The minute hand will have to be at 12. I drew it out and then would turn the paper so the minute would be at the top and then draw the hour where 9 is. When you turn it back it shows you where it should be. I did it quickly so I'm not sure if it's right. if not, just do what I said above.

For the minute hand that is up, the hour hand is left.

For the minute hand that is down, the hour hand is right.

For the minute hand that is left, the hour hand is down.

For the minute hand that is right, the hour hand is up.

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