A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

When the curtain of the night lifts, a sleepy town wakes by the gentle glow of morning. The townsfolk go about their days, shedding the patchwork quilt of a night's myriad of dreams. However... When the townsfolk fall in a deep slumber once more, the visions of night come out to play. 

The troubled fear how their nighttime tales will unfold. Luckily, in a quiet corner of the town lies Café Nemo. A cozy café that greets anyone who visits with a warm meal and a warmer atmosphere.

Cafe in the Clouds is bite-sized visual novel with point-and-click elements.

When townsfolk are troubled by their daily lives, their imaginations run free as strange dreams envelop them in an uneasy sleep. Those with particularly vexing dreams may seek the mysterious assistance of dream eaters with hopes of having their anxieties eaten awayEntering the worrisome dreams of afflicted clients, Somnia and Remerie investigate the roots of their clients' torment, hoping to create a dish out of the materialized anxieties.


  • Wholesome WLW content!
  • Point-and-click puzzles!
  • A bonus ending for getting a 5-star dish!

This game was created for Nanoreno 2020 by a team of three:

Cynthia (mythridate @ itch / twitter /  portfolio

Art: Background art  • Character concepts  • Character design  • Prop art 
Programming: Animation •  Visual novel section 
Narrative writing

J (bithox @ itch / twitter / portfolio)

ArtCharacter art  •  Character design  •  UI design
Story concept
Story revision

Tina (shuttlefrog @ itch / twitter / portfolio)

ProgrammingAnimation  •  Cooking section  •  Dream section
Sound effects
Character writing

Open source music provided by: Amacha Music  •  H/MIX Gallery  •  MusMus  •  PocketSound  •  Podington Bear

Ren'Py GUI template provided by: tofurocks

Welcome to Slumberworks. 

Here, we specialize in investigating strange sleep patterns and behavior.
Tell us, what ails you?

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(754 total ratings)
AuthorsCafe Nemo, Cynthia, bithox, shuttlefrog
GenreVisual Novel, Puzzle
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, LGBT, Point & Click, Ren'Py, Short, Slice Of Life
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityOne button


Cafe-in-the-Clouds-1.10-linux.tar.bz2 99 MB
Cafe-in-the-Clouds-1.10-mac.zip 93 MB
Cafe-in-the-Clouds-1.10-pc.zip 110 MB

Development log


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i enjoyed this game so much! i only wish i could play more :(


Meu Deus, que jogo maravilhoso! O traço, a música, a atmosfera reconfortante... Tudo perfeito! E ainda trás uma linda mensagem em meio aos puzzles.

Posso falar com certeza que esse jogo foi um achado, espero ansiosa para as próximas atualizações, meus parabéns pelo projeto :D

pls turkish

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LOVED THIS GAME.  The music, art, and story are so pretty!!!! ;-;

I really liked it!

I actually had to think the puzzles hehehe. I loved the analogies and the atmosphere from the game. Congrats on such a beautiful project!

Very lovely game!

Adorable! Great visuals, user-friendly gameplay, cute theme and art, compelling narrative, and cozy vibe! All-around super awesome, thank you so much for the experience of playing such an amazing game, I wish you the best!

I need the chromebook edition- its looks so cute but I can't play :[

this was such a cute game <3 loved the art especially!

What a cute little game, if only there were more "segments" so to speak! The first gave me a little taste and I can't help but crave for more! (puns absolutely intended). The concept within itself is so inventive and intriguing, and feels like it could go for so many new stories which utilised it. And the art-THE ART MY GOD. Pure Eye-candy, with such a soft look to it. The interaction between the two main characters is just adorable too, wish I could see more of their adventures


ohhh my god this was so cute that I almost started crying by the end! the art style and the characters were absolutely perfect, I wish there was so much more of this! such a sweet treat of a VN <3

anyone knows how to get the last ingredient for the bonus ending TWT

after you select the ingredients for the omelet, click on Somnia to upgrade it to a 5-star dish !!

Sososo cute!!

I dont usually like visual novels because i think they're boring, but the art style and interactions really sucked me into the game!


I LOVET THIS GAME AND EVERYTHING IS TO CUTE but i WISH i did not solve the clock puzzle so fast T- took me like 30 seconds lol

loved the art style and had a lot of fun with the clock puzzle!!

Stream and I absolutely loved this game! We didn't manage to find the last ingredient, but it didn't matter because we were just so enchanted. Didn't get caught on any puzzle for long and didn't feel like they were too easy either. A perfect balance that's difficult to pull off!

Definitely would love to see a full version of this game. The characters were too cute and I would love to see them being tender with one another. Especially after having to deal with some nasty dreams. Keep up the great work and looking forward to more!

does someone know were to find the 5th good ingrediet?

The fifth ingredient right after the clock puzzle is actually a strawberry! It's located in the first dream page on the left of the background where the huge strawberry is.

Really, really good and cute!!! Had a lot of fun. great job team!

The game was amazing! The concept, the characters, the art, they were all so adorable, I loved it! The point-and-click gameplay was also great, and I liked the clock puzzle! Remerie and Somnia's interactions were so cuuute!!! I want to hug them both I love them! Overall, a great game experience, would love to see more by you guys in the future!! <33333


The game was super adorable and sweet! I loved the art in this game and the interactive elements to it, keep up the good work! :) I really liked the game


I love it so much T^T. The art is very cute and adorable ;w; !! ดีฝุดๆเลยค่ะตัวเอง ตลค. คือ โฮรก ดีไซน์น่ารักแบบ300% ความเกย์อ่ะแก คือ น่ารัก เกิร <3


this was so cute!!!! i <3 gay bakers


it's wonderful! it made me very happy to play, though I wish there were more dream stories iIunderstand how hard it is to make these games so please take care of yourself creator!

This game was so adorable :3

I'm kinda sad there's no more game to play :<

Just finished playing this game and its such a fun and cute game! I absolutely adore the art style and the clock task was actually pretty fun to solve. I loved this game so much, its a bummer that this isn't a full game. Overall this game is a 10/10!! Loved playing it!!

This game was so cute and wholesome I wish there was more! Although I finished the game it was hard for me to do the clock task but it is still a good game :333

Please make this a full game, I loved it so much :)

This game is to TOOO CUTEE I'm sobbing



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I had a strong hunch that Remerie and Somnia were partners, and I couldn't help but chuckle when my suspicion turned out to be true! They make such an adorable duo, melting my heart <3

The game's narrative flows effortlessly, making it easy to dive into the characters' lives and the world they inhabit. The idea of delving into people's dreams to help them sort out their troubles reminded me of the series Bee and Puppycat!

Oh, and let's talk about the artwork—absolutely stunning! The visuals are a feast for the eyes, with incredible attention to detail. The artistic talent behind it is truly impressive <3 <3 <3

I'm eagerly looking forward to any future installments of this game and other projects by this talented team. Count me in for the journey!

[I had the pleasure of playing this during a stream <3]


This game is too cute, the plot is adorable and I love the alice in wonderland theme. The character designs show off the character's personalities in a nice way and I want to draw them.

This is so cute and wholesome :D

Lovely ^_^

A very interesting and wholesome short game, I adore the featured art style and the used palette!


I LOVE IT!!!! The grafic is beautiful and during the game, also for the chill music, I felt a sense of calm. I like also the mix of puzzle, music and the cooking features. Once again I love it! Hope for a continuation. <3


This game brought me so much joy !! I don't know if I could put all the things I loved about it in a succinct comment--

The puzzle aspect of it was for sure a feast for my brain ! the beautiful painting-like design of Marcella's dreamscape forced me to actively search for clues, it was crazy difficult (and fun)! 

The characters' designs and sprites were also delicious. The scene where Marcella just goes SPLAT on the pavement made me laugh so hard

the references to classic media were also top notch

overall, nothing but Love Love Love, I only wish i could consume a but more of this gameplay !! so much props to the developers for creating tis yummy piece of art

    • I enjoyed this game!
    • wish it was longer!
    • the characters were cute
    • not a huge fan of the sound effects
    • not a hug fan of the inconsistency of they/them/she/her
    • Big sib sound so odd! Why can't the siblings see their sister as their sister? It's fine if the player acknowledged that she uses they/them and she/her, but it doesn't change her role and importance as a big sister.
    • the clock thing was soooooooo hard
    • the art was lovely
    • the mentor not coming back feels bittersweet

I can't say for sure as it's not explicitly clarified in the game, but it is likely that Marcella was in fact an older sibling and not sister ! The consistent referral to Marchie as the neutral "sibling" and the heavy use of they/them pronouns implies a nonbinary character, and I think the love and appreciation the bunnies have for their older sibling is portrayed very well !!

I get you on the clock puzzle, it took a hot minute for me to find exactly how to solve it


an incredible game i must say,the art is incredible and colorful,the puzzles are kinda challenging in my opnion,its kinda sad to see it has not been update in almost 3 year

This game was amazing!! I love the art style and the puzzle elements <3 

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