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I am willing to take out my heart and soul for a part two, this was indeed amazing!!! keep up the good work!! :DD



I'm currently playing this on YouTube, and I'm really enjoying it. Thank you! 

THIS GAME IS SO GOOD! I love the graphics and sounds! How long did it take to make? pls moke more like this <3

Charming game, cute visual, non intrusive sound design and the right balance between gameplay and story. The perfect recipe for this masterpiece of a visual novel. 6/5, i can easly see myself spending 5 buck on this game. Good Job guys!!


Hi the creator! I would like to say that your game, dialogue and more were amazing! But can you show/add for me where could I save my progress? because I just made really far and I lose it:(

if you're still in the game and you want to save, look down below the text box. there should be Log, Skip, Auto, Save, and Menu. click the save button and click one of the empty boxes (or empty slots as the game says). if there's a picture of the game in it, that means it's saved. when you go back in the game, choose Load and click the slot and you can continue the game!

OMG I LOVE this game! Honestly the art, story, dialogue, mechanics, everything! I personally got stuck on some parts, but I don't usually play puzzle like games so that makes sense. I  can't wait to see where this game goes, and hope that one day it will be finished and just how the dev planned it to be!

hi! i wanted to ask, are you looking forward to put this on android? just when i stare at the art, i honestly loved it. the pastel kind of color, and i'm sure it's well written ! <33

This game was so gorgeous and I can't wait to see what you accomplish in the future!


This was such a lovely game! I great time playing it, so keep up the awesome work <3

This was really cute and fun to play. It was short (I probably finished it in 20min) but it was definitely worth playing. 

I absolutely adore this game!!!

Played it on stream and had to go through it twice simply because of how adorable the whole game is!! From the art style to the story I'm in love with this game!!


It's fairly rare there comes a free visual novel that makes me have to check the price again. This is amazing!

It's so beautiful, cute and heartwarming, I loved it!


It was absolutely adorable but I wish we could see more clients and their struggles. Unfortunately, the game left me insatiable.
I found game too short to fully develop main characters. The main plot with customer was well done but there was some incomplete matters with main characters and their job that would be nice to see develop with other customers.
Anyway it was really good game!


I absolutely LOVED this!!! Just like everyone else, I would ADORE for this to be expanded. No pressure of course. <3 Anyways good job, loved it, and I shall now follow you ;P

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The art is gorgeous! Agreed with everybody else, I'd love to see this expanded. Thank you for sharing. <3 
Edit: one thing to note, the "large" text size often had text flowing out of the boxes. Obviously not worth fixing for a game this short, but for any future projects!

I loved it I hope one day they expand on this because i love the story and gameplay

It was so adorable!


I loved it so much! I hope one day you decide to come back to the story and expand on it. You have all the perfect ingredients (pun intended) for a longer game! 

Sweet, and i'm impressed it was made for a game jam. Good Stuff!


OMG, I LOVE THIS GAME. Damn, what would it take to get a full release with multiple customers and an overarching story? Probably a lot... but damn, if I had the money, I'd full on be funding that shizz. Thank you for your efforts!


How do I play it?  I can't open it qwq

right click the file and extract it (from a windows 7 user)





Esse jogo é perfeito! A arte é linda, o conceito é ótimo e a melodia perfeita ,estou apaixonada por ele .É um jogo simples e super divertido, seu único defeito é ser curto. estou apaixonada por ele. Me identifiquei muito com a Marcella, inclusive tenho os mesmos problemas LOL, isso  me fez ter muito mais amor pelo jogo. Obrigada pelo jogo incrível e por me confortar .

ps:. Eu não sei inglês, desculpa

Ué, se tu não sabe inglês como tu jogou? Nani!?


I'm so so in love with this game!! It's so charming and cute and sweet, the art is gorgeous and the color and design choices especially make me feel so warm and fuzzy. The puzzles were a lot of fun and very exciting to figure out (for me anyway!) and most of all I absolutely adore the characters! Everything about the atmosphere in this game just makes me feel cozy :-)


I loved this so much! the plot the animations the sounds the characters I LOVE IT! its such a good idea and am dying to know what happend to their mentor!


I had such a hard time with the clock puzzle, despite the answer being hidden in plain sight ;^;

I love the characters' dynamics with each other and am dying to know the mystery of what happened to their mentor. As is it's a wonderful, self contained experience <3

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please tell me what to do! all the clocks are 9 o'clock, but nothing is happening! do i need to do something else?

i need help please ;-;. The game doesn't open and says that there is no module named _renpysteam


omg this is just the most adorable thing. I loved the puzzles, even if they were a bit on the easy side, and the art and pastel colour scheme was a perfect choice. 5/5


CAN WE PLEASEEE get more of this!!!!

so cute

This was so cute and fun to play! I need more!!


Omg this is so fucking cute i want more.


thank you for including the dyslexic font

this game is amazing

It's a good game i really love the art style and the music . Here is my short gameplay of it 

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